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Here to support your children

Senior Leadership Team

Mr. N Scott Cree
Head Teacher


Safeguarding & Child


Mrs. A Fothergill
Deputy Head Teacher

Maths/CPD/ P.E./Child


Miss R. Storey

Assistant Head Teacher


Teaching Staff

Support Staff

Miss L McAteer


Mrs A Amado

Year 1

Ms D Mamak

Mrs M Praest

Year 2

Mrs A Jackson

Year 3

Miss S Colton

Year 4

Miss N Nelson

Year 5

Mr J Kenny

Year 6

Miss R Storey


PE Coaches

Premier Education


Music Teacher

Mrs E Fairclough


Ms D Mamak



Nursery teaching assistant

Mr R Bradley

Teaching assistant

Mrs T Prince Minott/First Aid

Learning support assistant

Mrs A Ruffell/Resources

Teaching assistant

Mrs A Jimenez/First Aid


Learning support assistant

Mrs E De La Cruz

Teaching assistant

Miss C Williams

Teaching assistant

Mrs J Williams



Teaching assistant

Mrs E Ramos/First Aid

Teaching assistant

Mrs E Gorka Bond

HL teaching assistant
Mrs S Edwards/School Council


Learning Support Assistant
Mr P Mabbutt/Breakfast Club


Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs J Turner


Administration Officer

Miss K Johnson


Finance Officer

Mrs B Hawthorne


Site Manager

Mr J Torres


Fr V Mbu'i


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