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Rural impoverished life for children of SKSN...

The story of SKSN 

by St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Primary


St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Primary School are hoping to raise enough money to help SKSN School to build sanitary toilet facilities for school children. SKSN is a school for physically challenged children, located in a small rural village called Manaklao.

Sucheta Kriplani Shiksha Niketan, is a senior secondary boarding school established in 1991. It is also home for just over 550 physically challenged children and approximately 50 fully able day scholars. In 2001, 29 girl-students were inducted into SKSN for the first time. Today, this number has risen to 146, with many of them attending school for the first time. Both, boarding and educational facilities are provided free of charge. Polio is one of the main culprits for the majority of the students' disabilities, but there are a few amputees included as well.

Sucheta Kriplani is situated in the rural depths of Western Rajasthan, and on the fringes of the great Thar Desert. It's located some 28 kms from Jodhpur city, a place known as the 'blue' city of this bone-dry, yet majestic state. Records show that over the last hundred years, seventy of them were plagued with a scarcity of monsoon rains leading to severe droughts and famines. Most of the SKSN children belong to this very harsh, cruel and inhospitable environment. They come from families who are extremely dependent on agriculture for their livelihoods. With the region being highly prone to an erratic and deficit level of rainfall, the farmers can only reap a single, yearly crop - should they be that lucky. This being the case, many of the Sucheta Kriplani students would surely be deprived of an education, if their parents had to pay for the children's education. 

Families are dependent upon farming and agriculture to live...

SKSN has the potential to provide children with a well rounded education with opportunities to learn trade skills and farming techniques.

It's survival however is always dependent on its kind-hearted donors, who have never let the kids down. Sanitary and hygiene schemes is just one way you can help the children to work and study at their school.


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Courageous Children

Non-Uniform Day!


St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Primary School have an active tradition of fundraising, especially through events such as Non-Uniform Day, when the children attend school wearing their favourite clothes and donate £1 to a worthy charity. It is estimated that a donation of £350 (the amount raised through a Non-Uniform Day) will help greatly to build at least one toilet and sanitary facility for the school children of SKSN to use, particularly the population of girls who currently need to be accompanied by an adult or family member to nearby fields or unsanitary locations.

Our Non-Uniform day is on May 26th 2017.
You can make a donation to SKSN directly through

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