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Ofsted Report 2016-2017

Children in England now start their lives with a high chance of spending all of their early educational experiences up to the age of 11 in a good or outstanding early years provider and primary school. Weaker providers are now the exception: across the country, good and outstanding providers for both early years and primary dominate. Good and outstanding providers make up:

+ 86% of nurseries and pre-schools

+ 84% of childminders

+ 98% of maintained nursery schools

+ 85% of maintained primary schools

Information for Parents

Osted published their report on early years in July 2015. It showed that early education has never been stronger. Early years practitioners increasingly appreciate that their prime role is to teach children, not just provide childcare. This focus on the importance of learning has benefeted children. The latest results for 2015 have continued the trend of large increases in the proportion of children reachinga good level of development at the end of their Reception year, with a rise of nearly six percentage points nationally in the past year. These rising standards are being delivered by nurseries, nursery schools, pre-schools and childminders. While most primary schools include early years provision in Reception classes –and many also provide for three- and four-year-olds – increasingly, they are also expanding their provision to take children as young as two. 





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