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We are the
Parish School of Westminster Cathedral

'Miserere' sung by Westminster Cathedral Choir © ClassicFM

Love one another as I have loved you...

Mission Statement, John 13:34

Pupils who spend their years at St Vincent de Paul Catholic Primary School always leave with fond and unforgettable faith experiences. St Vincent de Paul Catholic Primary School has always lived under the shadow of Westminster Cathedral but it has been a great blessing to the thousands of children who have studied here. For decades, children have been able to participate in the life of Westminster Cathedral as well as perform their own special and celebrated Nativity and Passion Plays. The Cathedral has always opened its doors to our Musical Events. St Vincent de Paul Catholic Primary School has also never failed to honour the tradition of the Miraculous Medal, when children are taught about the story of Saint Catherine Labouré, a French member of the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul and a Marian visionary. Our Patron Saint Vincent de Paul has never failed to be honoured each year fostering a sense of practical charity throughout the culture of the School. We are truly thankful to everyone in the Archdiocese of Westminster who have contributed to the faith of our children.

 Year 3 children register annually with Westminster Cathedral to prepare for their first Holy Communion, each May! 

Westminster Cathedral is our school parish. Our classes often celebrate mass there and our School Chaplain is a member of the Cathedral Clergy. He visits the school regularly and leads our school assembly on Wednesday mornings to discuss the Wednesday Word; a preview of Sunday's gospel readings. 

View our Catholic Values here!

 We would like to thank Mr.Gully

for his dedication to Saint Vincent de Paul School.

As well as being a first class Primary School teacher, David Gully will be remembered by

thousands of children for his direction of our school's Passion and Nativity Plays, hosted by Westminster Cathedral. 


Thank you David for teaching the faith so admirably and we hope you will come back and visit us often during your retirement! 

Pictured: A scene from the Passion Play (2018)

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